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While Kane clearly has a very different voice to Andrews both authors do justice to the rich shared universe in their own unique way. The Hooded Man himself cuts quite the enigmatic figure, a dark and brooding flawed hero who is driven to protect his charges and fights like a driven deamon.

It's impossible not to like the guy, along with the supporting cast while the antagonists make equally good bad guys. The stories are entertaining, the pace is swift and steady and the three books join together seamlessly, each strong enough individually and yet together greater than the sum of their parts. Hooded Man is a rich post-apocalptic tale that adds much to the Afterblight Chronicles universe; a highly rewarding read.

Written on 13th August by Ant.

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Hooded Man Author: Paul Kane. Also, as always in these books, they seem to have accumulated large numbers of foot soldiers ready to die for an insane leader.

Arrowland also has a well developed back story showing how previous enmities have come about. A quick check of the back of the book shows these have been published in two previous books: Arrowhead and Broken Arrow. As always for these adventure stories there are quite a few places where you must suspend belief for the hero has once again managed to escape an impossible situation by doubtful means despite wounds, etc. The fantasy element of the storyline is relatively well developed.


One major concern I had was the quality of the printing. Towards the end of the book there are a number of typing errors, the worst being what appears to be a missing page. And now for the awards.

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I give this book the following positive awards, which the author and publishers will probably like. They are all out of five:. I also give it the following awards which the authors and publishers may not appreciate quite so much.

To summarise, this book is a good read with exciting situations, narrow escapes, evil baddies and heroic good guys. Its pace is excellent and the chapters leave you hanging and wondering what will come next. There are some nice touches of just-believable fantasy to make it more interesting.

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