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In staff fights, keep closer to the adversary; but in knife fights, keep a good distance from him! There is no end for education, no bound for the sea, and no limit for silambam techniques. Mun nindravan, kambu asainthaal avan maranam. A slightly wrong movement on the part of an adversary's staff may bring a death blow on him. Thalaikku vantha adi thalaipagaiyodu ponathu. The turban cloth saved the hit directed to the head!

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The references to Silappadikkaram in Tamil Sangam literature show that silambam has been practiced as far back as the 2nd century B. Oral folklore traces it back even further, claiming a history of years. The ancient trading centre at the city of Madurai was renowned globally and said to be thronged by Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians among others who had regular sea trade with the Tamil kingdoms.

The bamboo staff, one of the first weapons used in Indian martial arts, was in great demand with the visitors.

Indian martial arts suffered a decline after the British colonists banned silambam along with various other systems. They also introduced modern western military training which favoured fire-arms over traditional weaponry. The stick lost much of its combat superiority and some of silambam's vast techniques and styles were lost. During this time, silambam actually became more widespread in Southeast Asia than India.

It is still practiced in Malaysia today, and demonstrations are held for certain festive occasions. The fort is so fortified, that Shivaji, the Maratha king, ranked it as the "most impregnable fortress in India" and it was called the "Troy of the East" by the British. The bamboo staff, along with swords, pearls and armor - was in great demand with foreign traders, particularly those from Southeast Asia where silambam greatly influenced many fighting systems.

The Indian community of the Malay Peninsula is known to have practiced silambam as far back as the period of Melaka's founding in the s, and likely much earlier. In eighteen century, the silambam martial arts had been known to public, when British colonialism imported the workers from Tamil Nadu of India. The Tamil people were those who introduce the Silambam to Malay people Malaya ; known as Malaysia after independence.

The British colonial government in Malaya Malaysia had forbidden it, but the art of self-defense still been taught secretly in the forests or hidden places. Rather than practising silambam arts as a self-defence, Tamil people in Malaya Malaysia do understand about health factors of this art.


Why are there no "royal" castes of Tamil origin?

Silambam is also contribute to several health benefits and it prevents several type of diseases. The British colonial forbidden this art because worry retaliation by Tamil community against them. This is the historical golden moment which set place for Silambam in Malaysia, to be recognised officially. With effort from Datuk V.

Gradually by years thereafter, association gained strength with more than branches and more than 20, members in Malaysia. Recently, Silambam arts has been introduced to general public and recognised by Malaysia Government.

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The Silambam art of self defence has been well-developed and became more popular, as a type of sport which is competed with special skills, set of rules and also been performed in various occasions at festive occassions, temples occassions, school events, wedding functions, private functions, national events and many more.

Silambam Asia - Traditional Martial Arts website has been established to promote the arts worlwide and international level. Several initiative towards development of Silambam Arts has been taken. Oral folklore traces silambam back several thousand years to the siddha enlightened sage Agastya. While on his way to Vellimalai, Agastya discussed Hindu philosophy with an old man he met, said to be the Lord Murugan in disguise.

The old man taught him of kundalini yoga and how to focus prana through the body's nadi channels. Agastya practiced this method of meditation and eventually compiled three texts on palm leaves based on the god's teachings. The word is also written as Agasti and Agathiyar. A-ga in Sanskrit means a mountain, and Asti means thrower. Agastya is also the Indian astronomical name of the star of Canopus, is said to be the 'cleanser of waters', since its rising coincides with the calming of the waters of the Indian Ocean. Siddhar were spiritual adepts who possessed the ashta siddhis, or the eight supernatural powers.

Siddhars are the followers of Lord Shiva. Agathiyar is the first Siddhar. His disciples and other siddhars contributed thousands of texts on Siddhar literature, including medicine and form the profounder of the system in this world. Tamil nattupura padalgal download helps you to enjoy the natural folk effect. More articles: tamil folk song lyrics new tamil movie lyrics. We believe in providing quality content to our readers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below.

Login Register. In this song the hero express the feeling of love and the depth of love. Nizhal Ulagam Tamil movie is a love subject movie directed in different manner by Lenin. Actor Dhanush said that he did not expect the victory of Kolaveri song. The casts of this movie are new faces and the story of the movie is a love subject. Here I have included the complete details about the film Nizhal Ulagam with Dhinam dhinam unnai song lyrics.

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The actor and actress are very new faces. This is a beautiful beat song, hope you enjoy the lyrics. Music director of this song is Yuvan Shankar Raja. The singer of this song are Krish and Suchitra. Sasivarna Thevar and Kattaya Thevan at once proceeded to Ramnad with a large army furnished by the king of Tanjore.

They defeated Bhavani Sankaran at the battle of Uraiyur and captured Ramnad in Thus Kattaya Thevan became the 11th King of Ramnad. Kattaya Thevan divided Ramnad into five parts and retained three for himself. Sasivarna Peria Oodaya Thevar died in or about the year He was the second Rajah of Sivaganga.

Tamil nattupura padalgal Lyrics

Tandavaraya Pillai was the able minister of Sivaganga country. Muthu Vaduganatha Peria Oodaya Thevar granted commercial facilities to the Dutch only after the English rejected a similar offer, made to Colonel Heron. Further the aim of the English was to oblige the ruler of Sivaganga to serve the Nawab or to pay tribute to him or to dissuade them from establishing relations with foreign powers like the Dutch. A two pronged offensive was made by the English. The country was full of bushes of cockspur thorn, though there were villages and open spaces here and there.

Rajah Muthu Vaduganatha Thevar, in anticipation of the invasion, erected barriers on the roads, dug trenches and established posts in the woods of Kalayarkoil. On the 21st of June of the detatchment of Smith and Benjour effected a junction and occupied the town of Sivaganga. The next day, the English forces marched to Kalayarkoil and captured the posts of Keeranoor and Sholapuram.

Now, Benjour continuing the operations came into conflict with the main body of the troops of Sivaganga on the 25th June Muthu Vaduganatha Rajah with many of his followers fell dead in that heroic battle. The heroic activities shown in the battle field by Velu Nachiar is praised by the Historians.

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Frustrated by the joining of forces against him, the Nawab ordered that Velu Nachiar and Marudhu Brothers were permitted to return to Sivaganga and rule the country subject to payment of Kist to the Nawab. An agreement was reached where by Rani Velu Nachiar was permitted to govern the Sivaganga Country and Chinna Marudu, the younger was appointed her minister and the elder Vellai Marudu as the Commander-in-chief.

Thus the widow Queen Velu Nachiar succeeded her husband in